WhatsApp is one of the most popular plus widely used direct messaging apps, that has become very popular globally in the modern times. 9spyapps spy application for iPhone will record WhatsApp call, WhatsApp messages and all the particular conversations happen on WhatsApp prior to the target device user deletes this. The app records and transmits the monitoring logs such as image, voice messages or any text message within WhatsApp and other apps to the on the internet server.

Even though you want to track other WhatsApp customer’s message, then with simple secret agent software you can keep track of their text messages secretly, but you need the target cell phone to download the spy application, and for that you need commanding software.

You should delete your WhatsApp account initial and uninstall the app from the PC. After this, you need to go to Search engines Play Store, and download plus install it again on your Windows COMPUTER. After this, create your account on WhatsApp with same phone mobile, that you used earlier.

To download Whatsapp spy tool enables all parents to maintain of WhatsApp messages both delivered and received on children’ mobile phones, including the time and date once the messages were sent and obtained, and the information of the contacts.

However it is also easy to spy on your WhatsApp without your knowledge; your colleagues or even someone closer to you can easily spy in your WhatsApp message and can sneak any kind of important details of the project or even anything else through your WhatsApp account.